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Transport Safety


We are implementing a range of activities to prevent traffic accidents in keeping with our slogan of “making safety our top priority.” We are working to prevent accidents by building and continually improving safety management structures based on a correct awareness of the impact of business activities that use trucks to ship freight on the global and local environment. Through these activities, we are striving to involve all employees in an effort to prevent traffic accidents by establishing and regularly reviewing accident prevention goals and targets.

Recognizing Accident- and Violation-Free Drivers

We have created a program that recognizes accident- and violation-free drivers in an effort to eliminate traffic accidents by motivating the more than 1,500 drivers employed by the thinkrun Group to drive safely. An award ceremony is held once a year, and in 2022, we acknowledged the hard work of 825 accident- and violation-free drivers and 86 fleet managers at accident-free facilities by recognizing their accomplishments.
Drivers without any accidents or violations for 10 years
Drivers without any accidents or violations for 5 years
Drivers without any accidents for 1 year
Fleet administrators whose facility had no accidents for 1 year

Offering Safe Driving Education and Training

In accordance with applicable laws, we offer new-driver education to newly hired employees to ensure they understand truck characteristics and other important information as well as education on the licensing system for all employees to ensure they understand license categories and related information.
We also have site managers ride along with newly hired drivers for at least 20 hours as training in advance of their registration as an assigned driver.

Holding a Fleet Management Class

We hold a fleet management class with the goal of putting in place structures to ensure fleet managers possess the minimum necessary basic knowledge so that they can make the rounds at their facilities to offer guidance on proper operations. The class addresses specialized content related to fleet management, including fleet managers’ daily responsibilities, management of various forms, and methods for submitting applications and reports to government agencies.


Occupational Health and Safety


In keeping with our recognition that employee safety is the bedrock of our operations, we work to ensure employees’ health at work and to create a healthy, dynamic workplace environment. Our initiatives in this area are guided by the dual perspective of eliminating all unsafe behavior and removing all unsafe conditions.

Ensuring Safety in the Workplace

We are working to build and spread an organizational culture that puts safety first, and we have made “Safety First!” our internal greeting in order to raise employees’ awareness of safety. We also use safety chants at morning meetings and other occasions to spread safety awareness throughout our organization and motivate employees to conduct themselves in a safe manner.
We also conduct voluntary safety inspections of the workplace (including vehicles, protective gear, on-site traffic routes, and forklifts) in July, before the busy summer season begins, and in September, after it ends, to create a safe workplace environment and increase employees’ safety awareness.

Holding Health and Safety Meetings

We hold monthly health and safety meetings in which branch managers also participate in order to smoothly implement and strengthen our health and safety management activities. These meetings are administered so as to allow participants to discuss and consider current problems and measures for maintaining and improving employees’ safety and health.


Health Management


In keeping with our recognition that employee safety is the bedrock of our operations, we work to ensure employees’ health at work and to create a healthy, dynamic workplace environment. In health management, we strive to maintain and improve not only physical, but also mental health.

Offering Health Checkups and ordering Additional Testing and Examination

We offer health checkups to all employees once a year, and we order additional tests and examinations for employees who require follow-up. Employees also receive advice from specialists to ensure checkup results are properly understood so that they can be used in future employee health management.

Communicating Healthcare Information to Employees

We regularly communicate healthcare-related information on an internal portal website and in our company newsletter in order to cultivate employees’ health awareness and to maintain and improve their health. By offering advice on lifestyle topics such as diet and sleep and introducing work-related considerations, we strive to foster employee health.


Gender Equality


In keeping with our purpose of “Changing the Beverage Business Worldwide,” we are working to create an employee-friendly environment in which female employees can pursue careers over the long term and to provide opportunities for female employees to make the most of their skills and abilities.

Fostering the Development of Female Facilitators for Internal Training

Two female employees served as facilitators in internal global training for managers in 2022. Preparing employees of departments whose primary responsibility is not training to serve as facilitators was a new experiment for the thinkrun Group, and it became an initiative that would lead to significant progress in gender equality. The preparation process, which takes about two years, allows employees to master a broad range of knowledge.


Training a New Generation of Female Leaders

We have chosen two female employees and sent them to business school with the goal of having them master knowledge related to business administration and organizational management while improving their practical skills. In this way, we are training a new generation of leaders to drive the future growth of thinkrun Group through techniques like knowledge mastery and self-study.


Employee Engagement


In keeping with our purpose of “Changing the Beverage Business Worldwide,” we aim to become a company that inspires pride and motivation on the part of its employees by promoting human resources development and utilization and by creating a safe, secure workplace environment.

Promoting Work-Life Balance

We work actively to manage working time by establishing standard hours for both worksites and employees. Departments responsible for time management send time management data to worksite managers on a weekly basis, and the information is used to provide fine-grained guidance based on employee data, to level working hours, and to make time for other priorities.
As part of a program of workstyle reforms, we are also working to create an employee-friendly environment by recommending remote work and staggered work hour, primarily for administrative and indirect departments.

Human Resources Development

Working in conjunction with the McChrystal Group, thinkrun Holdings developed the “TEAM OF TEAMS Global Training” program. During 2022, a total of 180 managers participated in the program, which is dedicated to promoting understanding and adoption of “TEAM OF TEAMS,” a new leadership model.
We also offer educational and training programs for specific groups of employees, including managers, supervisors, and general workers.


Respect for Human Rights; Diversity and Inclusion


In keeping with our purpose of “Changing the Beverage Business Worldwide,” we aim to become a company that respects the human rights of all stakeholders and inspires pride and motivation on the part of its employees.

Raising Human Rights Awareness

As part of our human rights training, we offer harassment training as an attorney-taught program for managers with the goal of studying topics including the definition of power and sexual harassment, the adverse effects caused by harassment, and behavior to prevent harassment.

Employing People with Disabilities

Recognizing that employing people with disabilities is an important part of our social responsibility, we offer work opportunities to people with disabilities, who comprised 3.1% of our workforce as of December 31, 2022.


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