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Sales Logistics

Sales Logistics

We specialize in sales deliveries using small and medium-size vehicles. We deliver products to a variety of retailers, including chain stores like supermarkets and drugstores, liquor stores, mom-and-pop stores and restaurants. We can also deliver cargo that requires temperature management like refrigerated and frozen products.
We adopt a “First-In, First Out" (FIFO) approach when delivering products at business partners’ facilities, and we take care of delivery slips, ledgers, and other documentation as well as payment of products. In delivering products, safe driving goes without mentioning, but all employees also work continuously to greet customers in a cheerful way, maintain a clean appearance, and adopt friendly speech and attitude.
Our mission is to deliver value by putting smiles on the faces of freight owners, business partners, and all consumers.
Sales Logistics

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Delivery to Retail Stores

We deliver products directly to customers’ facilities, including supermarkets, drugstores, discount stores, liquor stores, mom-and-pop stores and restaurants. Deliveries are made with vehicles chosen based on factors including the size of the customer in question and road conditions.


Slip Confirmation and Product Inspections

We verify that the name on each delivery slip matches the product’s destination, and we check the number of forms, delivery date, payment method, delivered quantity, and number of item types.
At the time of delivery, personnel point to forms and products with their fingers in the presence of a customer representative and carry out a careful inspection of delivered products.


First In, First Out (FIFO)

We adopt FIFO approach when delivering products to customers.
We exercise care to ensure that products bearing more recent dates will not be sold first as part of our commitment to deliver safe, secure products to consumers.


Payment of Products

We collect payments from customers on behalf of our business partners.
Upon return to the office, the balance is checked against the quantity of delivered products and associated sales on a daily basis to ensure there are no disparities.

our business

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