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Risk Management/ Compliance Management

Risk Management Compliance

Risk Management


We strive to earn the trust of customers and the communities we serve by ensuring individual employees cultivate an awareness of a variety of risks and reliably undertake activities to prevent and address risk on a daily basis so that the manifestation of risk can be prevented, and so that damage from risks that do manifest themselves can be minimized through an approach defined by speed.

Implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

The thinkrun Group implements ERM to manage corporate risk from a companywide perspective with the goal of ensuring robust management and increasing our corporate value. Our approach to ERM assigns the president to serve as our Chief Risk Officer (CRO) to implement a companywide risk management plan formulated by the Risk Management Committee while reviewing the status of ongoing operations. Individual departments throughout the company take steps to combat risk in areas such as fleet operation and management, safe driving, and operational quality in an autonomous manner.

Development of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP)

The thinkrun Group has developed a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to minimize damage and continue operations in the event of emergencies, such as natural disasters. We continuously update the BCP in anticipation of new risks and plan to conduct risk management training for managers, including site leaders, to ensure they can respond quickly and effectively in emergencies.

Information Security Initiatives

We work to maintain and improve the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all information assets to facilitate appropriate information management, and we’ve adopted Basic Policies on Information Security as well as Information Security Management Rules to ensure we earn the trust and confidence of society at large, including business partners.
In addition, to improve employees’ information literacy, we publish real-time updates on our internal website on topics such as recent cyberattack vectors and responses and information about application updates.


Compliance Management


We consider compliance to be the linchpin of our business activities, which are shaped by our commitment to act with sincerity and in good conscience from a social responsibility perspective while complying with all laws and principles of corporate ethics. We are also working to strengthen mechanisms and structures that further compliance.

Cultivating Employees’ Awareness of Compliance

To improve employees’ awareness of compliance and spread the concept within the company, we identify themes related to topics like harassment, human rights, and diversity and publish compliance newsletters and compliance posters explaining them for internal use and display.
We also offer compliance training with the goal of increasing employees’ compliance awareness. Training is provided by each workplace’s supervisor to educate its employees in an effort to ensure that all employees conduct themselves properly based on their awareness of compliance.

Operating an Internal Corporate Ethics Hotline

We have established an internal corporate ethics hotline to prevent violations of laws and internal rules in the course of our operations and to quickly identify and rectify them when they occur. Two points of contact are available: an internal department responsible for operating the hotline and an outside consulting attorney’s office.


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