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At thinkrun, operational capability is our core strength. We continue to realize safe, secure, high-quality operations by cultivating close relationships with customers worldwide and tackling essential challenges together.


Bringing happiness to people around the world, by enhancing the competitiveness of the beverage industry


Becoming the innovator of BPO in the beverage industry


Enhancing our clients’ business values, by pursuing innovative operational excellence with wisdom and technology


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In keeping with our purpose of “Changing the Beverage Business Worldwide,” we contribute to the development of a sustainable society by working actively to protect the Earth’s environment and safeguard the local environment in the communities we serve.

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In keeping with our purpose of “Changing the Beverage Business Worldwide,” we strive to ensure health and safety in the workplace and to create a healthy, dynamic workplace environment.

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Risk Management and Compliance Management

We will implement risk prevention and response measures and strengthen mechanisms and systems to promote compliance, aiming to be a company that is trusted by all stakeholders.

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