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Changing the Beverage Business Worldwide!

Thank you for visiting the thinkrun website.

Since our founding in 1971, we’ve developed our business as a strategic BPO innovator for customers by focusing single-mindedly on "safe, secure, high-quality operations" for half a century. We are keep moving forward as a professional team, while working together with our clients to transform business processes, especially in the beverage market and industry.

We are more than just a logistics company. Neither are we merely an outsourcing company.

We are enhancing the global beverage business toward a more competitive system, and contributing to the realization of a better and more sustainable future through our operations.

In this era, when the world is connected as one and numerous difficult issues are piling up, we will strive to become a 100-year company by working with all stakeholders, based on the spirit of sharing, collaboration, and co-creation.

Daisuke Tsuruga
Representative Director and President
thinkrun Co., Ltd.

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