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Global Leadership Seminar 2023

thinkrun Group hosted the Global Leadership Seminar 2023 in Tokyo on October 3rd, with the purpose of “Changing the Beverage Business Worldwide” to foster global leaders and promote diversity and inclusion. A total of 160 participants, including customers, business partners, and members of the thinkrun Group, attended.
The seminar featured guest speakers, Mr. Stanley McChrystal, former Commander of U.S. and International Forces in Afghanistan and Mr. Toshio Murase, Associate Professor of Management at Waseda University. They delivered keynote speeches on “Effective Leadership and Teamwork.”
Following the speeches, a panel discussion between the President, Mr. Daisuke Tsuruga, and Mr. Stanley McChrystal took place, discussing the evolving definition of leadership and exchanging ideas on methods to lead teams towards excellence.




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