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Special Workshop: “Creating Corporate Value at the Gemba” by Mr. Isao Endo


On April 16th, in Tokyo, we invited Mr. Isao Endo, the Representative Director of Cena Corporation, to lead a workshop on “Operations” and “Gemba-Power.” The aim of this workshop, designed for next-generation leaders, is to delve into the challenges of improving our Gemba-Power and to uncover new corporate value.


Participants understood discontinuous environmental changes and discussed how they impact our company. Additionally, they shared opinions and ideas on how to update our company’s “Operations” and “Gemba-Power”, which are the sources of competitiveness.


It was a day where our commitment and challenges for enhancing competitiveness became clear.


*Gemba-Power is the autonomous problem-finding and problem-solving capability of gemba, which can be loosely translated from Japanese as staff on the front lines.


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